la Cornue

Commercial Home Products specializes in Serving and Repairing la cornue / lacancheProducts. We have repaired over 100’s of la cornue / lacanche appliance over the past years and we got the testimonials to back up our experience.

The owner Boris studied Mechanical Engineering in Israel and worked for a High Tech Military Facility that was making surveillance systems that saves soldiers lives. He likes to solve technological challenges and help customers when others can’t.

Regarding Commercial Home Products, he took a part of a intensive training on la cornue / lacanche chatue300products by the previous owner that shared a lot of experience servicing both products over the years.

He is an EPA licensed technician for work on Refrigeration Sealed Systems and correctly handling

Lacanche factory authorized warranty service

We Service and Repair the following French Range Products:

  • lacornue Ranges
  • lacornue Flamberge rotisserie
  • lacornue Château G4
  • lacornue Cornuchef
  • lacornue CornuFé

For more information or to schedule an appointment, give us a call today at (650) 712-0117

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